River Canyon Lodge Hotel Policies


Check In Time: 3:00 PM  

Check Out Time: 11:00 AM

Pool Hours: 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM 

Pet Policy: Sorry, we do not accept pets.

Smoking Policy: All our rooms are 100% Smoke Free. Please only use designated smoking areas outside of the hotel.
Deposits for Incidental Damages Policies:
Because of the exteme sports nature of our area, we require an incidentals deposit for each room for pre-paid guests. Should a room be severely damaged during a guest's stay, we reserve the right to use that deposit (prepaid guests) or charge an additional damages fee (not pre-paid guests) to affect repairs. We will only hold deposits/fees in extreme cases of damage, and never for only normal wear and tear. If there is no damage, we will of course refund the deposit in a timely fashion.
In some cases, a bank or credit card company will place a "pending" charge on your account even after we have released the deposit. Unfortunately, this is beyond our control. Please check with your bank or credit provider for more information on their specific policies.
Deposit Amount Due at Check In: $50.00 for pre-paid guests (those who used 3rd party sites like Expedia or Travelocity, for example). For all other guests, no damages deposit is charged at check in.
Estimated Deposit Return Time (if paid by check or credit card): 2-10 business days
Estimated Deposit Return Time (if paid in cash): Check mailed back 7-10 Business days